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Art Mug Haruna Kawai “chips”
Art Mug Haruna Kawai “chips”
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Hasami Porcelain

Art Mug Haruna Kawai “chips”

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Porcelain has been produced in Hasami for the past four centuries. Building on this heritage, Hasami Porcelain was born under the direction of Takuhiro Shinomoto. Clean lines, organic textures and multifunctional designs define the brand’s tableware. Inspired by traditional jubako tiered boxes, the modular products can be easily stacked for efficient storage. Passing through the hands of various craftspeople during the course of production, each piece is finally stamped by hand, completing its truly unique character.


The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the domestic launch of HASAMI PORCELAIN. To celebrate this, the project 'ART MUG' was launched to explore new possibilities for art and mugs. The base is a medium-sized mug (white body). 

Artist_Haruna Kawai

Based in Tokyo, Japan. Haruna Kawai draws unique compositions combining geometric forms. She is interested in the relationship between objects and the objects that retain their forms. In addition to exhibitions, she also works on 3D works, murals and book covers.


KNS exhibition 'Encounters', Awazu Residence 2023 /Solo exhibition 'Fixing with a pinch', guardian garden ( Ginza) 2023 /Main clients Kodansha, Shinchosha, Magazine House, Mitsui Fudosan

Message from Haruna Kawai

I scattered the motifs so that the view changes depending on the direction in which they are placed. I thought it would be good if I could create a moment when the view suddenly changes at the dining table, at your work desk or in any other environment where you can use it. The patterns are part of a series I have been working on in recent years called chips, in which I am exploring the smallest form of the act of assembling and fixing a flat form into a three-dimensional form.


Ø 85 × H 89 mm
385 ml

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  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
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